Monday, May 20, 2019

Photo Editor by Ariana N.

Photo Editor
In class, we are learning to make a blog and I got an editing app. This app is the coolest thing you can do when you’re bored. I love this app and you will too. There are pros and con to this app.

Some cons are that you have to have an ID. Of course, you can only edit photos.

Now for all the pros to this app. When you first get on it is going to give you options.
The first one is to pick a photo from your gallery. Second, one is to take a photo, third is for pro-version. Fourth is to make a collage. The fifth button is to share and the last one is settings.

Photo Editor has so many features, you can color and add font too. You can add stickers,frames, and overlays. You can focus and blur things.

It is great for school because if you want to make a book cover and make it your own you can photo edited it. So that is why this is a great app.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Google Slides by Kyle U.

Google Slides is a program that allows you to create presentations from a school project to a
professional conference. You can access it from any device like a computer, laptop, iPad, or even a
phone. It has a lot of cool features and some bad too.

In Google Slides you can make numerous slides by clicking the add button in the bottom left
corner then select the template that fits your slide. If you want to delete your slide then you hold
down on that slide then when the edges of your screen turn orange you click the trash can up in the
top right corner. If you want a picture you click on the + at the top right and click the picture icon.
If you want to take a picture then press from camera and if you have taken the picture then press
from photos.

The first feature is a really helpful and one that a lot of people don’t know about. This feature is
called speaker notes. This feature is where you can type your speech in the speaker note section
and when you airplay they can’t see your speech but you can off of your mobile device. This is
helpful because you can use it as cues. All you have to do is glance down every once and awhile
then you wouldn't forget as easily.

One of the down side of this program is that when your working on an iPad you can only insert
pictures and not videos unless you go in on a computer. This is bad because if your putting
together a slide that needs a video and you only have an IPad then you can’t add a video. This also
isn’t helpful because if you have your video on your iPad then you have to send it to your computer
then get onto the computer which also takes a long time. If you have a long video gmail can’t send
it all together you have to break it up in to pieces.

In my opinion the best feature of google slides is being able to share it with people so that
multiple people can work on the slide. You just press the icon that has the person with a plus sign
and enter the person's email in to the box then press the send button. This is helpful if you are
working in a team and you want everyone to be able to work on it at the same time. This also helps
because if one person is gone the other people still have it. This feature is one of my overall favorite
feature of Google Slide.

I like Google Slides a lot because of all the good features that are in this program. Though it has
one bad feature it is not very important. This is my favorite slideshow app.



Wednesday, May 8, 2019

6th Grade PBL by Ariana W.

The 6th Grade
By Ariana Wilkes


         Welcome to this week’s blog! This time, we will be looking at the 6th grade’s PBL! You might be wondering what a PBL is. Well, a PBL stands for Problem Based Learning. So, a PBL is an assignment based on a real-world problem, and your goal is to find a way to fix the problem.

The BIG question

         The problem the entire 6th grade, including me, was facing, was about the 5th graders. How can we help lower the anxiety and stress levels of 5th graders that are almost 6th graders?


         The 6th grade core teachers got a list of kids from both cores, and decided on how to split their kids into groups. For example, Mrs. Terrell grouped kids together by their last names. My group consisted of Arieon Maestas, Bowden Vigil, Ashley Vigil, (who are not related) Kaydaen Woodden, Prophet Waltrip, and myself.


         There were multiple different solutions to this problem. My group’s solution was to make a Fortnite skin, and no, it was not my idea. According to my group, a Fortnite skin will help lower stress levels because it will show kids who use it what it means to work together, and spread school pride. One of my favorites was to make little survival kits for the 6th graders. The survival kits consist of gum, pencils, water, and erasers. Another one was to do homework help during Ram-Time, or study hall.


         When we presented our PBL ideas, we had to present it to some people from Columbine Middle School, and others from outside. The panel I presented to consisted of our head principal, Mr. Stephenson, an 8th grader, and two outsiders. Presenting was difficult, because you had to wear fancy clothes, and I didn’t get to change out of the dress I was wearing. It was also difficult because it was incredibly nerve racking. Once we got into our own steady pace though, we were relaxed and fine.
Thank You
         Overall, I want to thank you for reading this blog, I want to thank Mr. Perfors, the tech guy at Columbine, and everyone that presented, watched, or helped with the 6th grade PBL!

Show Me App Review by Yuliana

Do you want a new app to take notes and draw? ShowMe is the app for you then.
ShowMe is basically an interactive whiteboard where you can take notes, draw and post the “items” you have made. You can get this app for free on the “App Store.” When you first open up the app it will take you directly to a screen where you can start creating your “slide.” If you tap on the red box that has “Create with the plus sign” that is on your right-hand side it will bring you to a different screen. When you are at that screen you can start taking notes or drawing. You could either tap on the red bottom to start creating your slide or you could tap on the green “Create new ShowMe” button that is on your left side corner. (You can tap on either one and it will take you to the same page).To start taking notes you could use the “pens/colors ” or “text.” To use “text” you just tap on the “big A with the small a”. To use the “pens/ colors” you just tap on the color you want and start taking notes or drawing. When you first tap on the “pen/color” some “dots” will pop up, the “dots” are just for you to pick how thick or thin you want you “pen/color” to be.  If you want more colors than the regular ones all you have to do is tap on the “add” button next to the colors and more colors will appear. To add a picture you tap on the square that has mountains and a sun. From there you could either choose a photo from your library, take a picture, or you could search one from the “web”.  When you are done creating your masterpiece all you have to do is tap the “Done” bottom that is on your left side corner.
“Groups, Explore, and Courses”
Groups, Explore, and Courses are different categories in the app ShowMe. The Group category is where you can join a class or make your own class, as in groups. When you tap the “Explore” button it will take you to the “Trending ShowMes”,” Popular ShowMes”, and it will show you “Featured People” The Courses button will show you “All” the posts people around the world had posted. If you see next to the “All” button you will see a button that says “Paid.” If you tap on that button it will take you to the “page” where all the ShowMes are that you have to pay for, most of them cost  $9.99. You can find these buttons on the left side corner.

Some pros about this app are that you can add “Bluetooth devices” to it, such as an Apple Pencil. Another pro is that you are able to record what you are doing, as what you are “drawing”. Another pro is that you are able to have multiple “pages”.
Some cons about the app ShowMe is that you have to “sign up” or “login in” otherwise your work will not be saved. Another con is that if you post an “item” it is out to the world and anybody could see it. Another con is that other people could see your information.
In general I think the app ShowMe is a great app to use even though it has some ups and downs. I really enjoy using ShowMe, especially in my free time. I would recommend this app to anybody.