Thursday, March 12, 2020

Team Lineup (a Coaching App) By Elizabeth B.

Elizabeth Birchem
Team Line Up
A Coaching app


     Team Line up is an app meant for sports coaches to help them with game drills. You can choose what kinda backdrop you need. They have basketball, American football, baseball, cricket, ice hockey, and many more fields/courts.
How to Use the app
     When you first open the app there are a bunch of soccer fields and how you change the backdrop is next to where you can put your team name as a little icon. When you click on that icon a bunch of options for will show up and you can start putting your players on the field.

On your backdrop, you can add as many or as little players you need. You can customize the color of your player to match your jersey and do other colors for other teams! With the players, you can put their names on the little players so you don’t get confused about who’s who. It shows the entire court at an aerial view so you can put your players anywhere. Also, when you chose your court the ball used in the game will show up so you can use the ball. You can also put in your team name.

When you set your characters and the ball on the court/field they stay there and they are very hard to move. When you put your players out on the court/field and you forget to put names or misspell their names then you can’t fix the names or put their name on.
Overall Thoughts
Team LineUp is a good app, but I personally do not recommend this app cause I feel there are better coaching app options out there. I’m not saying Team LineUp is a bad app, it works and is a decent app but I feel like there are better apps out there.  Such as iPractice builder and Coach’s eye.


Top 5 iPad Tips and Tricks by Carlos

Friday, March 6, 2020

Block Site by Aiden C.

  Block Site is a very useful app to keep yourself productive online when using google online. It can block out not productive sites that you don’t need, like online games that kids should not be playing in class. Block site can do blacklists or whitelists which you can personally set up. You can redirect from websites so if you are on a website that is not allowed it will take you to a different website instead. Also you can set up a message so if someone is blocked from a website it will say a certain message, this is helpful when you want to tell a kid or adult why they cannot be on a website or to taunt them. You can also set up certain times a kid is allowed on a certain website or if they need to be on that website at a certain time and no other website. Block site is an ultimate tool for staying productive instead of doing random things all day long. It can block out most websites but sometimes it does not work. I recommend using it because it can keep you on track and raise your productivity to 100%.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

STEM Class

The STEM class in our school is taught by Mr.Roth and is a class where students get to decide what they want to make,fix or understand and in this blog we will go over the STEM process and how kids use it,the tools,challenges,and goals of a student,and my and other student’s overall opinion of the class.

The STEM process consists of ASK: where students define the problem or want to know about something.IMAGINE: this is the step where they pick how they want to achieve their goals whether that be by YouTube videos,research,or trial and error.PLAN:once the student has an idea of how they want to achieve their goal they plan what the best way to do that is.CREATE:Create is the phase where you put everything together ASK,IMAGINE,and PLAN all mush together to create,fix or understand the plan but then comes the hardest part.TEST:in this step you put your creation or knowledge to the test to see if it works and this can be tested in many ways such as seeing if it does what you wanted it to do or going to someone who does know about what you want to understand and checking if what learned is correct.

The tools in the STEM class range from ordinary saws to drills that can go through wood like it’s butter. This is very good because if a student wants to do an ambitious project they have all the tools so the only limit is your imagination and other people's safety. There are a lot of different challenges people might run into but all projects have different challenges but a problem I think all students can run into is it’s an independent project meaning Mr.Roth may not know how to solve a problem and the internet isn't always correct.I think the goal of every student is to be satisfied with what they have accomplished.

All the machines in Mr.Roth’s room

Overall I think this class is perfect for middle schoolers because this is when students get to find what they like and this class gives students the perfect opportunity to find what they are interested in whether that be fixing machines,building drones,or just discovering something new. But if my opinion isn’t enough to convince you then maybe these people’s opinions will. “It’s one of my favorite classes. It’s just really fun,” said an 8th grader and “Mr.Roth is a great teacher and the class he teaches is also pretty great,” said another 8th grader . If that doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will. Thanks for reading.