Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Basketball Coach by Hailey B.

Basketball Coach
By:Hailey Budde

   Basketball Coach is an amazing app where you can make plays and other movements. You can set up any play: half court, full court, one team, or two. And you move players and the ball around.  The fun thing is that you can put faces on the person that you want the dot to be. For instance if I want number 4 to be me, I would put my face on that dot and that person will be me. When you want to draw and record your play all you have to do is...
  • Press new play
  • Choose half or full court 
  • Press start recording unless you want to change positions
  • Then drag your people 

And then you have made your plays and you can use it in practice and other cases you may need it.

  • Then press play and watch your play commence.

Good things about this app is that it helps you and your team learn plays and other ways it’s good is that it has an  unlimited amount of plays you can do.

Some bad things about this app is that you can only share it if the other student or coach use it.

My final thoughts about this app: this is a pretty fun app and it’s very helpful with learning plays. And I would very much recommend it.

Friday, December 13, 2019

JamBoard by Tahlia T.


Jamboard? Jamboard is a cool app that is very interactive. You are able to draw, add sticky notes, images, and stickers to create a fun reminder, and a fun way to create a presentation. This helps many teachers in classrooms so that the students know their agenda for that class. Although it might be great for teachers it benefits kids even more since most of our minds are still kind of visual. If you have a computer this may not be the best option for you since you want to be able to draw and doodle.Image result for jamboard
In order to start using Jamboard you will need to have a google account, so you can make an account to save all your projects. When you first enter the app you will tap the add sign at the bottom right hand corner to actually start. To the left you will see a couple of signs such as a pen, eraser, arrow, a chalk marker, and last but not least an add sign. The pen is a writing utensil, but you also might see a small arrow to the side which when you tap opens up different writing tools and colors. The eraser is pretty self explanatory and you can also change the size by clicking the arrow. Next is the arrow which means you are trying to cut something out and move or delete it. If you wanted to move a flower on the other side of the grass and you really like it you can just cut it and move it over! Next is marker/chalk button, this button actually erases almost immediately after you try drawing something. It is kind of like follow the leader! Then there is the add sign where you can add images take photos, and add sticky notes which is a writing component other than the actual writing button. For typing you also click on the pen under Assistive Tools then you click the typing button. Also you can add drive and sticker components. You can also add multiple slides. You can also share/export it to other places by clicking the three verticals dots at the right hand corner at the top. 
  Sequentially are some Pros! The first Pro is that it is easy to use and can be a lot of fun because some apps may be a bit more complicated. It also saves to your google account, so if you don’t have your IPad/Computer you can bring it along on a file, and just sign in to use. Next are some Cons these Cons are because as aGoogle app I would think they would have these things. The first one is the color range. There are only six! You heard me six, there are no pinks or purples. That is pretty much the only Con in my opinion because everything else works great. 
Hopefully you learned about a Google app called Jamboard because I think it can help so many teachers and students to plan things out. It also is portable which is great since we can forget things which is not a great habit. Hopefully you download this app and experience it yourselves. In my opinion it is great! Thank you for reading this blog on Jamboard.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Word Search by Sabastine S.

Word Search is a fun thing to do when you have nothing to do and if you are bored then you can play Word Search. It’s kind of like a WordSearch on paper but it is on an iPad. How cool is that? Level one is easy but when you get to the higher levels it will get harder and harder that you will want to delete it. Don’t!  Give it your best. Try to pass those hard levels. but the bad thing is you only have some hints before you runout of hints. But you can get some hints back if you watch a video. I think it is really cool and I think you will do really good at it, better than me. I really think you should get it.  
I'm going to teach you how to use Word Search step by step. 
1  Get it at the app store type word search and press get.
2 Tap the app when installed then it will give you a tutorial on how to use it. 
3 When you get the app on the top hand corner you will see a gear so  you can click it. And it can control the sound and it will also give you a tutorial.
In order to get a hint when you run out of hints you will need  to watch a video. When you are done with the word it might show an ad but sometimes it won’t  show you an ad. That’s Word Search. 

This is what it looks like when you’ve done some.

Monday, December 9, 2019

DreamBox by Ari W.

DreamBox is a math app that gives students math lessons according to their understanding of different math problems. It increases the difficulty of the lesson depending on the student’s understanding of the lesson. For example, if you have Subtracting Integers, then you can move up to Adding, Multiplying, and Dividing Integers. If you have a student account, then you can assess what lessons you have and how many you’ve done throughout the week. One of the pros to DreamBox is that it is interactive with the kids. The lessons explain what the student has done wrong if they get an answer wrong, and when a student has finished the lesson, the app rewards them with coins that the student can use to personalize their lesson page. 

Lesson Planner
If you have the teacher app for DreamBox, then you can set up the amount of lessons your students can do. For example, my math teacher, Mrs. Brown, has us 7th graders do eight lessons a week.
There are many different things a student can personalize on his or her account. This addition to the app gives the student a sense of belonging to the app when they are able to personalize what they see when they enter to do math. It also raises the student’s spirits, especially when the student does not enjoy doing math.
(1) Avatars: The avatar is a little character that shows progress to the student. There are many different types of avatars, varying from animals, to sports, to different themes for holidays! (2) Wallpaper: The wallpaper is the background that students see when they immediately get into DreamBox, and there are many options. Some wallpapers have to do with sports, while others have to do with math. Others have to do with the season of the year, and others have to do with what holiday is coming up. (3) Music: The music only plays as you switch from your lessons to “My Stuff”, and throughout the options that you have in “My Stuff”, which I will talk about in a little bit. There are a couple of different types of music, all of which have no words, and last about three seconds. (4) Collections: Collections are a group of mini games, that cost around 500 coins to play, and you have to find the pieces of the game by doing lessons. (5) Badges: Badges are exactly what they sound like. The badges section of “My Stuff” holds badges that you get by playing games and doing lessons. (6) Games: Yes, there are games that the students get to play. They have to do with quick thinking, and other mind games. These things help student minds stay sharp so that they are actually learning. I know that when I do too much math, I tend to not pay attention and want to just get the lesson over. The games help me focus, and concentrate on my math. 
 In conclusion, DreamBox is a great learning tool, even if it sometimes frustrates us students sometimes. There are many advantages to this app, and it helps implant math lessons into students' brains. With this app, I’m positive students can understand math and the concept of it a little easier. Thank you for reading my piece on the app DreamBox!